British Standards coming soon

BS EN 3646-004:2013 Aerospace series. Connectors, electrical, circular, bayonet coupling,operating temperature 175$0DC or 200$0DC continuous. Receptacle, jam-nut mounting. Product standard 2013.06.05
BS EN 1423:2012 Road marking materials. Drop on materials. Glass beads, antiskidaggregates and mixtures of the two 2013.06.07
BS ISO 18947 : 2013 Imaging materials. Photographic reflection prints. Determination of abrasion resistance of photographic images 2013.06.06
BS EN ISO 10723:2012 Natural gas. Performance evaluation for analytical systems 2013.06.04
BS ISO 8277:2013 Ships and marine technology. Pipework and machinery. Information transfer 2013.06.04
BS ISO 22839:2013 Intelligent transport systems. Forward vehicle collision mitigation systems. Operation, performance, and verification requirements 2013.06.04
BS EN ISO 15197:2013 In vitro diagnostic test systems. Requirements for blood-glucosemonitoring systems for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus 2013.06.04
BS EN 16245-1:2013 Fibre-reinforced plastic composites. Declaration of raw materialcharacteristics. General requirements 2013.06.07
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